Selected Publications

Open-source, Python-based, hardware and software for controlling behavioural neuroscience experiments.
Akam T, Lustig A, Rowland JM, Kapanaiah SK, Esteve-Agraz J, Panniello M, Márquez C, Kohl MM, Kätzel D, Costa RM, Walton ME eLife 2022 11:e67846

Multimodal cues displayed by submissive rats promote prosocial choices by dominants.
Michael JM Gachomba, Joan Esteve-Agraz, Kevin Caref, Aroa A Maroto, Helena Bortolozz-Gleich, Diego A Laplagne, Cristina Márquez*. Current Biology 2022 32(15): 3288-3301.e8

Novel competition test for food rewards reveals stable dominance status in adult male rats.
Costa DF, Moita MA, Marquez C Sci Rep 2021 11(1):14599

Freezing Displayed by Others Is a Learned Cue of Danger Resulting from Co-experiencing Own Freezing and Shock.
Cruz A, Heinemans M, Márquez C, Moita MA Curr Biol 2020 30(6):1128

Programming effects of peripubertal stress on spatial learning.
Tzanoulinou S, Gantelet E, Sandi C, Márquez C Neurobiol Stress 2020 13:100282

Prosocial Choice in Rats Depends on Food-Seeking Behavior Displayed by Recipients.
Cristina Márquez , Scott M Rennie, Diana F Costa , Marta A Moita Curr Biol 2015 25(13):1736

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